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Congratulations to Ron Hoffman and Doug Babic, 2019 Champions of the Bayard Mens Golf League.

Congratulations also go out to second place, Josh Knouse and Colter Reffalt, third place, Larry Kildow and Rollie Bauer, and fourth place, Chris Hughey and Hal Fisher.

This winds down the 2019 season of the Bayard Mens Golf Association. See you all next year.

Bayard Mens Golf Association 2019 Schedule will be posted at the clubhouse and on this site. League roster and sub roster are posted as well.

Please read News and Views below to keep up with the latest news or issues. If you have an issue or concern that you think the membership should consider please let me know and I'll post it and bring it up at the next meeting.

Please call the clubhouse at 586-1606 for updates on course conditions or weather related cancellations.


President - John Araujo

Vice President - Rollie Bauer

Treasurer - Kevin Wolverton

Secretary - Trevor Eirich

League Handicap/Scorekeeper/Mahout - John Araujo

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Please contact me if you would like to post any news on this website. Also please let me know if you would like to post any issue for the membership to discuss at the next meeting.

An issue to consider for next year is simply deleting any rainout days so season does not extend out to daylight shortened days in September.

An issue to consider for next year is having final four playoffs on a Saturday so teams can recieve more recognition and fans can follow. This would relieve any problems with getting off work in time to play as well as not having to finish in the dark.

A change to consider for next year is that substitute player dues must be paid before they play after week two.

A change to consider for next year is playing league only on Thursday. If a team can't make it on that day, they would forfeit.

A change to consider for next year is switching the player position for scoring when the substitute player has a higher or lower handicap than the present player. Scoring has always been to leave the sub in the player position that he is playing for.

A change to consider for next year is should players be allowed to practice before playing a round for league, specifically putting greens to learn speed and "break". This would be an advantage over the working guy that can't get out on the course because of work.

Another important change last year was awarding a point to each player and the team point to the team that shows up when their opponent is absent. Please read the league rules about this change.

A new rule last year was that both players must play at the same time to score in a match.

A new rule last year was that no points will be awarded on the first night of league since handicaps are established that match.

A new rule last year was setting up playoff rules in case of a tie in the championship matches. Please see league rules for details.

League rules and meeting minutes will be posted at the clubhouse and on this site for all members to view.

Please contact me if you do not play on Thursday and plan on playing another day. Then drop the cards off in my home mailbox or send me a picture or text with the scores. If I do not receive cards or scores, your team will receive a forfeit.

Contact Me

If you have any news or information that you would like to post, you can contact me in one of several ways:

By Phone:
Cell (308) 631-8375

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